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Last Series of Djarum MLD City Slalom 2013 Marked with the Outstanding Performance from GT Radial's Racers

Saturday 23rd November 2013, Senayan - east parking lot sounds crowded with the Djarum MLD City Slalom Championship 2013. Entered the 7th and also the last round of MLD City Slalom Championship 2013, all participants raced their heart towards the winning podium.

More than 190 participants competed on 19 categories and almost half of it was dominated by the GT Radial team racers. On the Rookie National Championship and Rookie Local Class, all racers from Toyota Team Indonesia – GT Radial managed to take over the winning podium. Mico Mahaputra once again proved his perfect slalom skills by winning the first place, followed by Mario Claudio on second place, and Alinka Hardianti on the third place. On the Woman Class Championship, Alinka Hardianti rocked the track and won the 1st place.

Adding to her winning list, Alinka also got second place for the A3 Class, where Mico took the first position. Mico Mahaputra also placed second for the Overall National Championship, while on the F Class General National Championship, Mico managed to place first, followed with Demas Agil. There are also Sony Susmana from SDCI – GT Radial team who won second on A2 Class and Steeven S, his teammate who placed third on A Salon Class. TTI – GT Radial team who consist of Demas Agil, Anggana OHP, and Mico Mahaputra also gave contribution by Winning the Team F National Championship and Placed 2nd on the General Team National Championship.

Considering this great achievement from GT Radial racing team, Leonard Gozali, the Brand Manager of GT Radial remarked “Congratulations to all GT Radial’s racers, you should be proud with your achievements. With commitment to develop Indonesia Automotive world, GT Radial will keeps supporting all its racers, and for sure the automotive events in Indonesia. Moreover, we also consider a racing event, like MLD City Slalom as a walking laboratory. The input from all GT Radial’s racers who using the Champiro SX2 tires will able to help the development of GT Radial’s products in the future.“

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