GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

• Offers exceptional protection against climatic influences
• Maintains constant air pressure over long periods

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

Bonn, 1 June 2010. When fitted on caravans and trailers, standard tyres are negatively impacted by extended stand-still periods, as well as by high ozone exposure due to intensive solar radiation. However, since the distance travelled is generally low, the tread profile is subjected to significantly less wear than on motor vehicles.

As a fatal consequence, the tyres often remain in use for much too long. “Ten to 15 years are not unusual,” reports Lennart Lindstrom, Technical Director GITI Tire Europe. “The aging process of a static loaded tyre frequently causes the rubber to deteriorate, which can lead to dangerous blowouts,” adds Lindstrom.

To prevent that from happening, the GT RADIAL KARGOMAX has been specially designed for use on caravans and trailers. It boasts an exclusive range of unique features:

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

Its innovative carcass structure, the shoulder design and the special ozone-resistant rubber compound offer the best possible protection against climatic influences during extended stand-still periods.

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

The inner liner, a butyl-based rubber sealant layer inside the tyre on Kargomax, has been enhanced, to ensure that very little air escapes through the sidewalls. However, this doesn’t eliminate the need to check the tyre pressure regularly for traffic safety purposes.

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

The specially aligned tread depth, the profile design and the composition of the tread compound are all tailored to match real operating conditions.

The GT RADIAL KARGOMAX is classified as a so-called FRT, or Free Rolling Tyre. With an N speed rating that allows for a maximum velocity of 140 km/h, it is not designed for automobiles. Instead, the market will benefit from the introduction of a true trailer specialist.

The KARGOMAX is available in two versions – the ST-4000 for standard trailers and light caravans (highest load bearing capacity: 710 kilograms), as well as the ST-6000 for heavier tandem-axle vehicles and larger caravans (highest load bearing capacity: 900 kilograms).

The GT RADIAL KARGOMAX can be obtained in the following sizes:

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

standard trailers and light caravans (highest load bearing capacity: 710 kilograms)

145/80R13 74N 145/80R13 78N 155/80R13 80N
155/80R13 84N 145/70R13 78N 155/70R13 78N
165/70R13 80N 185/70R13 90N 195/70R14 96N
195/65R15 94N

GT RADIAL KARGOMAX: the Trailer Specialist

heavier tandem-axle vehicles and larger caravans (highest load bearing capacity: 900 kilograms)

195/60R12C 104/102N 155/80R13C 90/88N
165/80R13C 96/94N 185/80R14C 104/102N
195/70R14C 104/102N 195/70R15C 104/102N

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The global GT RADIAL tyre brand offers a wide range of state-of-the-art tyres for passenger cars,
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