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10 June 2010
New Drift1 wins the thumbs up from China's no.1

China’s No.1 Drift driver, Zhang Shao Hua, first experience with GitiCompete Drift1 was winning at the product’s inauguration race in Shenzhen, July 2009. In November 2009, Zhang opted to use the Drift 1 as his preferred choice of tire for the star performance at the Tian Ma Circuit Drift Exhibition.

In May 2010, a new size was added to the GitiCompete Drift 1 series to complement the current 235/45 ZR17 product. The new 255/35 ZR18 has been specially designed to provide increased traction, optimized footprint and grip for exceptional acceleration, stability and braking, especially when used as the rear tire of higher powered drift cars.

The new 18” Drift 1 made its debut at the 2010 WDS in Hangzhou and the aggressive design immediately caught the eye of Zhang. We are honored that the recently crowned WDS Champion has agreed to test our new tire.

On 3rd June 2010, at the Tian Ma Circuit, and witnessed by the members of the mass media, Zhang put the new tire to the acid test. Rotating with 2 of his more powerful cars, Zhang put in several laps of punishing stunts to check out maneuverability, acceleration, cornering stability, braking traction and stability.

Zhang is absolutely impressed by the performance of the new 18” Drift 1, and attested that the tire grip is incredibly “biting” and the smoke effect is obviously great. He further raved about the tire’s overall performance in terms of acceleration, braking traction, and cornering stability; and ranked the product top on his list, beating almost all the other brands that he has experienced.

However, Zhang Shao Hua’s high accolade comes with a condition: “Only skillful drivers with very high powered cars can bring out the best in the tire. Nevertheless, I will give the new Drift 1 18” tire full marks as the tire has been designed for that intent and purpose.”

“If the car hasn’t that huge horsepower, I will suggest to use the 17” Drift 1 which is, relatively, just as good” Zhang added.