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 Quality assurance is everyone's responsibility at Giti Tire
Giti has implemented a comprehensive quality control system at all our tire plants. Strict quality control measures ensure that the quality of our raw materials meet required specifications. We also conduct inspections at each stage of our production process to ensure that each component meets relevant specifications and standards.
We subject our tires to a final inspection before packaging them for delivery. With the use of an internal numbering system, we are able to monitor the employee group responsible for a particular production process for each tire that we produce.
Giti follows government regulations on safety in the work place and requires that all employees follow these safety rules. We provide safety-related training to our employees and have established safety standards specific to each stage of our production process. We also maintain personal injury insurance coverage for our employees.

To ensure compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations, Giti has instituted anti-pollution measures at each of our plants and we carry out regular inspections to ensure that these measures are complied with.

Giti Tire has attained key international quality certifications for its products in team of quality and safety requirements.

United States
All of our tires exported to the United States are accredited with the DOT
Certification from the Department of Transportation of the United States.

The tires produced by for export to Europe satisfy the European E-mark safety standard.

Middle East
We have received the Gulf Standard Certification from the Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait and the Saudi Arabian Standards of
Organization for our tires exported to the Middle East.

We have obtained the Brazilian INMETRO Safety Certification from Instituto Felcao Bauer da Qualidade, Brazil for our tires.

A further testament to our products’ quality is that all our tires are accredited with Safety Certifications from the National Tires Certification Committee and the China Compulsory Product Certification from Beijing Zhonghuan Combination Quality Certification Co, Ltd.

International and Domestic Quality Certifications