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Giti has achieved a dominant manufacturing and sales position in China, through organic growth and strategic acquisitions of plants geographically distributed throughout the country.

In 2009 Giti manufactured aproximately 13% of all tires made in China, sold approximately 17 million tires in China and exported 15 million tires to over 100 countries worldwide. Giti currently operates 7 tire manufacturing plants, three of which were greenfield projects and the others were acquisitions. These plants are located in five cities in eastern, southwest, northwest and northeast China.

Our plants cover not only those areas of China which have exhibited phenomenal growth over the last 25 years, but also those areas slated for priority investment and future development.

Giti's has 7 plants and currently employs approximately 21,000 employees.

Total plants: 7 plants
Total site area
approximately 3.3 million m2
Total staff
approximately 21,000 staff